Thursday, January 26, 2012

Summer Dreamin'

As winter is starting to settle in here I can't help but think of warmer weather.  Our flight to Tucson is booked!  Can't wait for an In-n-Out cheeseburg and some fun in the sun.  Don't worry I'm not one of those "oh winter stinks, this is horrible, why do I live here" winter whiners.  I am fortunate enough to live where we have the 4 seasons you learn about in school and I love 'em all!  If not for winter when would I wear my fabulous plaid scarf?  As the snow (or at the moment here I think it's freezing rain) is falling and you are snuggled under your blanket I thought I'd warm you up with some our summer vacation photos!  We went to a breathtaking ranch of a family friend in Centennial, Wyoming.  Our jaws were dropped for the first 3 days.  Everything was so beautiful, the food was delicious, and the cabins were decorated down to the tiniest western details.  (I'm talking cowboy knobs and toilet paper holders.)  Andy's whole family went including my 7 month pregnant sister-in-law.  In case you didn't know Wyoming was a hot spot in 2011!  Several people I know also vacationed there last summer even fiction families on television - Modern Family!

Our beautiful cabin
My father-in-law heard a calling,
"Go west young man and take your crazy family with you."
1st Flight!
1st Fish! 
A little nervous about the horse
Matching shirts and hats
No pool, no beach, no problem.
A creek or pond will do!  

Cowboy knob!  
We got to experience so many amazing things on this trip.  We were a little weary at first since our previous family vacations consisted of Turks and Caicos and Hawaii.  But we dove right into all the wild west had to offer.  Shootin' guns, four wheelin', fishin', eatin', singin' we did it all and had a blast!  We were so sad to leave this wonderful place and the people we met.  It is a beautiful part of the country that everyone should experience.
All 20 and a half of us!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Before Baby Bucket List

Grandbabies #7 & #8 due a day apart
Ended up being 8 days apart
and both boys!
My friend whose shower was I blogged about in the fall has a date for her C-section!  It made me think of when I found out I was going to be induced; happy, scared, excited, scared, nervous, did I mention scared?  When I was pregnant with baby D I went in for my appointment a few days after my due date which was on a Friday. My sister-in-law who was due the day before me (that story deserves another post all itself) beat me to the punch hospital and had given birth the Sunday before.  I will never forget the feeling when the doctor told me, "We are going to schedule your induction for Monday."  WHAT?  It's one thing to get pregnant and know you are going to have a baby but it's another thing when you KNOW you are going to have a baby on MONDAY.  (Insert panic here.)  On a not so scary note my mother-in-law who was with me (my mom came down with the flu right before my appointment) ask when the doctor when he thought the baby was going to be born and the doctor said, "hmm 4:23pm".  Sweet D entered this world at 4:32pm, think he's been doing this for a while?

Nosy Rosie's Before Baby Bucket List
1. Go on a Babymoon
We did not do this but if you have the money and time - treat yo self!  
2.  Clean your house
You will never have time to do this again... and I mean never again.  Speaking of skip my must have baby shower list and just ask for a maid service!
3.  Manicure and Pedicure
Please complete after #2.  This is a crucial step that is not to be skipped.  No one is paying attention to you after this baby is born but you are always the one holding the baby.  Even though your head is cut off in the picture your nails got to look good holding that sweet new baby!
4.  The Last Supper
Andy and I went to Michael Simon's "The B Spot".  It was a long hour wait for a table, clearly not something we could do once we have a baby in tow!  And yes we did get the bacon milkshake and it was amazing.
5.  Enjoy your last days baby-less 
Your world will never be the same but in the most wonderful way possible!  All the super cheesy things people are saying to you about becoming a mama are totally true.

        Good luck Lauren we can't wait to meet Baby T! 

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year's Eve 90s Party

Pulp Fiction* 
What your in-laws don't have an annual themed New Year's Eve party?  Mine do!  We usually opt to spend NYE with friends but after being persuaded back in July we happily obliged. The party contains mostly family with a few close friends (sadly the Mantel's returned to their "new" homes outside of Ohio a day earlier) and a lot of food, with the key ingredient being cream cheese.  Past New Year's themes include; 80s and TV characters (that one even produced a much watched video).  This year was 90s themed and we went as Pulp Fiction, even Marg the Margaritaville dressed up!  Andy had some trouble keeping his wig where it should be but you get the picture.
Clarissa Explains it All 
Marg as Jules 
       Costume Winners (my personal pick)
Just like Sharon!  

Mike & Miss as my in-laws in the 90s

The Game

The game of the night was Left, Right, Center if you have $3 and love excitement 
this is the game for you!  I'm proud to report I won, a great way to start 2012!  
$$ Center $$
(please note in the right hand corner the "hillbilly wine glass")

Mia, Wayne and some LRC thrills!

*I have no intentions to ever wear my hair like this...ever.  That is all.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Year in Review

Winter - Started off the New Year with the flu so bad I had to drive myself the ER.  Upside - found out our local wellness center has an ER that is clean, fast and efficient!  D was able to finally wear this adorable tuxedo onesie and he was able to eat food made in my baby food maker!  (Very uneventful I know.)

Spring - D's first opening day, Easter, my first mother's day and Memorial Day which included matching shirts with his cousin.  D and I took our first road trip together to Columbus for a baby shower for his future girlfriend(s).
Maggie & Jane's mama

Mother's Day

Summer -  It sadly started with a large part of our family moving to Houston, leaving a hole in my heart.  D got to meet my Dad's side of the family at our annual 4th of July reunion.   We all took our first trip to Wyoming with my husband's family, all 20 and a half of us.  (Take that Modern Family we did it first!)  Andy and I got a night out to go my cousin's wedding.  D attended his first Canal Days which is my hometown's summer festival.  My sister in law turned the big 3-0.  And it ended on a high note with my roommate Megan (and Jim Thome) coming home from NC to remind us how old we are and that we started college a very long 10 years ago.
KSU 10 years later
WY or Bust
April's Birthday
A lot of great-grandbabies!  

Fall - Began with our sweet friends getting engaged and the last baseball games of the season.  D got to cheer on the marathon runners.  Our Texas family headed home for a fun filled weekend of birthdays, a baptism and a meet & greet with our newest niece.  I started blogging!  And we kept busy with D's first birthday , Andy's dirty thirty, a first haircut by Aunt Missy, our 5 year anniversary,  and multiple football games.  Keeping true to our baseball roots we were taught to do as much as possible (i.e. have babies, get married) in the offseason and our family never disappoints in the fall!  
Go Runners Go

Take me out to the ballgame

The happy couple

Hope you had an amazing New Years and only great things are waiting for you in 2012!