Friday, February 15, 2013


Obviously we didn't give up sweets!
Reaction when I took
away the cake.  

Lent crept up on me this year but I was ready.  I am giving up buying food while at work, that means no lunch or chocolate covered Oreos that have proven to be my biggest weakness.  I love hitting up the local Greek church on Thursdays for a gyro or ordering in a Vito from Jimmy John's when I'm too lazy to leave.  I hope I won't starve...  At home we have decided to give up fast food...  For a family that grabs it at least 2 nights a week (don't forget about us Swenson's and Chipotle!) this is going to be tough!  My weekly food planning is going to have to be kicked up to the next level.

But wait, I'm not Catholic.  Why would I partake in this year after year?  I worked for a Catholic Italian family for 12 years.  My boss's children would give something up and wondered why I wasn't giving anything up.  I never back down from a challenge!  Then I went to college, had a Catholic roommate.  Her family had a fun rule that you could have whatever you gave up after midnight on Saturday.  The Lent tradition continued as I married Andy who was raised Catholic.  I've even persuaded some coworkers to join me in the yearly challenge.  It was a little harder when I got married since I had to then prepare these meatless dishes on Friday.  CHALLENGE EXCEPTED! (#himym)  I scored a ravioli maker from Williams-Sonoma I'm excited to try out and I'm obsessed with making homemade perogies after a coworker gave me a recipe.  Very time consuming but it makes a TON.  I make various kinds, with different cheeses and throw in some jalapenos then freeze them.  Take that Mrs. T's!  Andy and I choked down some salmon tonight, we won't eat again.  D demolished it because he thought it was "ham".  His skin will be glowing like JLo's in no time.  I think we'll be sticking to pasta.

I am proud to announce since the New Year has started Andy has been working out and down 9 pounds!  I......haven't done anything.  But I am doing what I do best and that is cheering Andy on!  I am hoping this Lent makes our wallets bigger and waists smaller!

Purchasing a "Cut-n-Seal" was a must!