Saturday, February 14, 2015

Our Daughter

Photo by:  Tessa Powell Photography
Parker Kay was born on September 25.  I didn't even notice until after the fact that both my kids were due on the 19th and both induced on the 25.  I stuck a hamburg bun in the oven with a toothpick flag sticking out of it that read #2.  It took Andy a minute to figure it out.  Just the week before, my father in law had told us he was taking us to Sandals Jamaica for New Years.  We quickly told my parents, we wanted to make sure they were up for keeping a 4 year old and 3 month old come December!  Andy's parents' we told by putting Dylan in his #1 brother tshirt when they picked us up for our Tucson visit.  We waited the "safe" 3 month waiting period to tell everyone else by naming our horse "Bun in the Oven" at the yearly WABL Night at the Races.

Holdin on to dada's finger tight!
Andy has 4 sisters so I figured this was a girl.  My mom swore I was carrying the same way she carried me.  Our 3 friends that were pregnant - only one boy, and my 3 coworkers all had girls.  My Court coworker kept me walking around downtown Akron like crazy!  People looked at us like we were unicorns, pregnant women must not walk together often.  I totally owe her for keeping me motivated.  Even though we found food on most our walks it helped with my weight and ability to get quickly back into my pre-pregnancy pants.  They don't look good but they are on!  My manager at JCrew had her daughter the day before me.  People were equally as shocked when they came in the store and we were working together.  They thought they came into Motherhood Maternity!  We were in the hospital at the same time and had the same delivery nurse.  GG and Parker will be fashionable friends for life.

My iv was more interesting than his sister
At the end of my pregnancy I was huge! I was beyond uncomfortable and the heartburn and snoring was out of control.  I told my doctor (who retired the week I was due!), "I think this baby is big..."  Two days before she was born the ultrasound tech guessed 8 pounds 6 ounces....they were a little off when she came out at 9 pounds 3 ounces!

The morning I was induced my Judge and the social workers from my department were at the hospital for a meeting and stopped in to see me.  (When the meds started, no one cut the cord or anything!)  My new doctor actually had Andy deliver Parker.  He is the first person to hold our little girl, while it seemed weird and shocking at first it ended up to be a very sweet moment.  I just couldn't believe I had a little girl and such a big one at that!
Parker Kay, a name that confuses old people because she's a girl but at least everyone can spell and pronounce easily.  My dad's grandpa was named Park, I always loved the name, which my cousin's cute son carries on.  I'm a Parker Posey (AIR RAID!) fan and my mom's middle name is Kay.  She also has the same (maiden) initials as Andy's aunt Paula Kay.  She immediately carried on the Sissy nickname, which I have been called by my entire family for the last 31 years.  She's been called Parkey, Park, Sissy, Sis, PK - she is a woman of many names!  

Much like when you are first married the question is when are you having kids, after you birth a child people are quick to ask when is the next coming?  My dad let me know they don't make any other kinds so we can stop.  I heard you just "know" when you are done.  Well my motherly instinct is giving me the silent treatment.  Right now we seem perfect, but I thought it was pretty perfect when it was just Dylan...