Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween / Birthday

I love Halloween.  I find it very fitting that I married a man that was born on this wonderful holiday.  I always loved dressing up as a couple (SNL Cheerleaders, Tenenbaums), now that there are three of us I've really got to step up my game.  We attended Ohio U Kent State that always had an amazing Halloween.  I loved to see how creative people could be.  Sadly no more wild college parties for us, but thankfully we do have this cutie in a diaper to dress up!     
Cue the Bob Seger 
Happy Halloween and 
Happy Dirty Thirty to my amazing husband!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

First post / birthday

A lot first around here!  Well, this is my first shot at blogging and it is my son's first birthday today.  Here are the highlights of his birthday party from this weekend.  We had a western theme of "Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys".  I think it was a root-tootin success!  So much work though now I know how party planners keep their jobs.

Cowboy Party Details
Invites - Vistaprint (affordable, lots of options, but order early!)
Center pieces - Sunflowers in mason jars
Tunes - Local country station 
Cake - Sam's (affordable, delicious and indestructible - survived a flying leap off shopping cart)
Food - Burgs, hot dogs, cole slaw, bakes beans, various dips and appetizers made with love by family
Drink - Beer, juice boxes, lemonade & Williams Sonoma apple cider (those all go together right?)
Decor - Western lights and signs (donated by D's nana)
Personal Touch - I took some of my favorite pictures of D to the local kinkos and had them blown up to hang in the garage.  An inexpensive way to show how cute your baby is!  

Happy first birthday to our sweet baby boy!