Monday, August 13, 2012

Hollow what?

My great grandparents outside the cottage
The same cottage (2008)

Hollow Rock, it's a place in the boonies on the border of West Virginia that holds a very special place in my heart.  I am proud to say at almost 30 years old and I still go to church camp.  The oldest church camp in America to be exact.  It's held the same time and filled with the same familiar faces year after year.  My close knit group is mostly made up of kids whose parents attended camp as kids.  My dad went with his cousins and my little great grandma  and stayed in our family cottage.  (Which by the way has a prime time location right next to the cafeteria.)  I was sent down to stay with my great aunt and uncle, my dad's sister and a handful of cousins when I was 6.  Discovering I had cousins all over from Georgia to Washington, if not for camp I would not know these out of state relatives even existed!  It was amazing the relationships I was able to build only seeing these people 10 days out of the year.  The Internet, Facebook and getting my license helped fill the void throughout the rest of the year.  To put it in perspective just of how long I've been going, we use to send letters through the mail.  My younger years involved bible study, waiting for nickel ice cream day and dodge ball, the teenage years were filled with activities with the youth group, and as an adult my few days consist of a lot of porch sitting and eating.  Andy's first summer out of baseball I begged him to go and he complained most of the ride down.  He couldn't wrap his head around that there was no AC or TV, we just sit around on a porch all day and go to church service.  It's a good thing my Uncle Bill has a radio so we can at least keep up with the Indians.  One slawdog day and he was hooked.  It makes my heart so happy that he looks forward to going.  This year we took D with us.  Our friends had twins and we were thankful her parent's had baby proofed their porch.  We were able to catch up carefree without the fear of D escaping off the porch.  You may grow up but Hollow Rock never does.  Bring on the next generation of Hollow Rockers!
My Aunt Sally - The First Lady
(My uncle is the president)
D outside the cafeteria 
Andy sliding down Cooper with the youth (2009)

Proof of just how long I've been going

Next to the 80 year old fridge
D's first slaw dog
It use to be just me and Alison for these yearly photos

The scenery for most the trip, truly God's country