Tuesday, April 24, 2012

29 is lookin' fine

Happy birthday to us!
(All the April birthdays on my mom's side)

Here I go into the last year of my twenties.  Andy keeps telling me to "Live it up now!"  I had a fabulous weekend full of celebrations.  It started on Friday which was my birthday day off, which my mom got off too.  My dad stayed with D while my mom and I shopped until we dropped.  They stayed for supper with us at Luigi's, one of my local favorites (cheesy salad heaven).  On the way home Andy mentioned he wanted ice cream.  I always drive past this cute place that makes homemade ice cream so we stop.  Inside it smells like old people and felt like 90 degrees.  This does not stop us from our dessert, we order anyway.  The waitress then hands Andy his Cookies and Cream in a Chinese to go container.  Looking puzzled Andy asked her, "We have a 10 minute drive home, is this thing going to last?", she replies, "Oh I never thought of that."  I could not control my laughter.  I carefully held the box of ice cream on the way home and to our surprise it didn't leak and was delicious!  Well played ice cream shop, we will be back.  

On Saturday I had to work giving Andy time to prepare for my surprise party.  My shift unexpectedly ran over giving more time for guest to arrive.  I knew something was up when I pulled down my street to see a bunch of cars in front of my house, one I recognize as my brother's.  I pull in to find a few friends and family gathered in my garage shouting "Happy Birthday!"  Andy had pulled off putting together a little surprise BBQ for me.  We played my favorite LRC, ate delicious cupcakes and found out how amazing the "Party Favorites" music station is on our TV.  The night ended with karaoke at the bar up the street where I again embarrassed myself with my version of "Me & Bobby McGee."  You're welcome bar patrons.

Sunday was much more low key with supper at my sister-in-laws.  My brother-in-law made me Jamaican jerk chicken, coconut rice and my other sister-in-law made amazing green beans.  The little cousins played together and we got to catch up.  It was a great end to my birthday weekend.  I am very spoiled blessed with amazing family and friends.  
Look out 30 I'm comin' for ya!!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Opening Day

Yesterday was Opening Day!!!  Oh the joy you feel at the beginning of the baseball season.  I mean come on we are were undefeated!  : )  It is such an exciting day with all the bells and whistles.  On the way to the game we were stuck in traffic right by the parking deck.  Puzzled on what was going on, we look behind us to see the Budweiser Clydesdales with a game day beer delivery!  It was awesome and totally worth the wait.  It was D's 2nd opening day, he was much more active then the baby we brought last year.  As soon as we arrived to our seats he grabbed a spoonful of bbq sauce that went flying down the front of his white Indians shirt my mom had got him for this joyous occasion.  Yesterday's game had all the key components to be a great opening day: The shining sun, a soldier sang the Star Spangled Banner via satellite from Afghanistan, Stadium Mustard, the benches cleared, and 16 innings!  Yes, we were apart of baseball history attending (and staying for) the longest opening day game in MLB history!  If we would have won it would have made the day perfect.  But we've got a whole season ahead of us and I believe in Cleveland!  Go Tribe!
Bon Journey rockin Rally Alley

Clear them benches!

14th inning snack
11th inning nap

5 hours and 14 minutes!