Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fall Review

I realize there are still a few weeks left of fall but there is too much to go over!  We started off the fall at my Aunt's Halloween party.  She did an amazing job transforming her house into the Adams Family house.  We went as Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach.  I am already planning our group outfits for next year.

Shelly got all (but one) of her bridesmaids together to go dress shopping.  Our Houston family was home so Kim (Andy's oldest sis) got to come too.  This is my first time being a bridesmaid.  We went to this adorable little bridal shop, Perfect Bride.  With seven opinions and multiple dresses it made for an interesting day!  You really learn a lot about one another's taste when you try on dresses together.  You'll have to wait to see the final product but I am happy to announce it was my favorite dress of the day!  Afterwords we ate at my new favorite restaurant Joe's.  Andy's mom knows the amazing owners and we were treated like queens!  (Very fitting since we had just tried on 100 gowns.) I never liked tabbulee, here I just never had good tabbulee, theirs is amazing.  I highly suggest it if you are ever in Rocky River.

Celebrating D's birthday ended up being a week long celebration, very similar to mine during my college days.  With the election and lack of energy we had we opted not to throw him a big party like last year.  We celebrated with Andy's family Sunday since his Papa's birthday is the day after his, we had our own mini party for him on his birthday and then celebrated with my side of the family the next week.  I only had the one candle left over from his party last year, my BIL told me just light it twice!

For our anniversary my parent's stayed with D while we went downtown to D.B.A.  It was all sorts of deliciousness.  A favorite chef of ours that I use to work with works there, we love his food so this place was on the top of our list to try.  Great food, great service and Andy is still talking about the duck he had.

Recently I bought a new vacuum on my lunch hour.  I must admit it was one of the most exciting things I've done in a while.  The salesman was part Uncle Leo, part Ed Grimley.  His dad owned the store before him, been in business over 50 years, it just warmed my heart.  He was so passionate about this Fuller Brush I bought it on the spot!  I could not wait to get home to use it.  Sweeping is one of D's favorite chores, he shared in my excitement by giving a, "Woo woo" when I brought it in the house.  Andy's sister also added a new addition to her house our new niece, Landry Shae.  We had a wonderful thanksgiving and have so much to be thankful for.  Hope you had a great thanksgiving, now bring on Christmas!!  
D takes blowing out candles seriously...