Wednesday, May 30, 2012

1 Dress 2 Events

Two weeks ago we went to my SIL April's pinning from dental hygiene school.  I have no idea how she did it while being a mom to my wild toddler nephew and my teenage niece who is involved in just about everything under the sun.  I could not believe some of the things she had to do to pass her boards.  She had to clean someone's teeth, seems like no big deal....But wait their teeth had to be in horrible condition!  "Hey you, your teeth look pretty gross, can I clean them for my class?"  Awkward!  I don't know how she did it but we are so proud of her and can't wait for our first cleaning!

My college roommate (who I am proud to announce will be on Wheel of Fortune!) kept the little man while we went to the pinning and out for supper.  When we went to pick him up her brother had some friends over which included some pretty girls.  D wouldn't even come to me or give me the time of day!  He clung tight to Andy and preceded to wink, blow raspberries and fist pump to impress the ladies.  I got a sick feeling in my stomach thinking it's starting already...he's pickin' pretty girls over his mama!
April's entourage 

Bring on those gifts!
Dress: JCrew
Attitude: My personal collection 
This past weekend we went to our friends couples shower.  As always we were excited for a night out and some adult fun.  I love wedding showers and one that Andy gets to attend, even better!  All the "oohs" and "ahhhs" over dinnerware, dishtowels and kitchen gadgets, it just gets my blood pumping and sometimes boiling thinking, "Why didn't we register for that??"  We opted to get them the Indians beer glasses which were a favorite among the crowd.  We dined on delicious food, amazing cupcakes and it was brought to my attention I was the only woman there whose drink of choice was beer.
Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!
A shower of laughs!

Monday, May 7, 2012

An Engagement and Kale Chips

I am happy to announce that my SIL Shelly is engaged!  We are beyond excited for her and adore her boyfriend fiance.  He's been around since before Andy and I got married, but in the last couple years he really started coming around more.  I don't blame him for the slow start, he was just a teenager then and we are very overwhelming loving.  He came with us to a family wedding in Texas a few years ago and completely won me over.  After much discussion, we realized he reminds us of Ross from Friends.  And who doesn't love ROSS??  He gave our little Shelly a picture perfect proposal and the ring of her dreams.  We cannot wait!

I was not in the picture yet when the first 3 SILs were married so I am  pumped to be apart of the this magic from the beginning.  I've got 1000 ideas waiting for Shelly when she is ready for them!  ; )  This got Andy and I thinking, we've got to get in shape for this wedding. Wedding pictures last forever and with this being the last child getting married we have to make it count!  We have started to eat healthier.  It's been a rough week cause lets face it, eating healthy stinks.  I bought "Healthy in a Hurry" from WS and here are a few of our eats from our first attempt to cook better.  I will leave out the photos of the Taco Bell we ate in celebration of Cinco de Mayo and will not mention that with the health cookbook I also bought "Breakfast Comforts".  What can I say, we've got a long year ahead of us.

Brussels Sprouts with Lemon
Grilled Sweet Potato Wedges

 So far Kale Chips has been the favorite recipe from Healthy in a Hurry.  Andy turned up his nose when he walked in to see a plate filled of what looked like crunchy fall leaves.  To everyones surprise they were good!  And when you know the benefits of eating them it makes them even better.  D loved them!  Served with my version of the Philly Cheese, with flank steak, peppers, onions on a wheat hot dog bun topped with low fat mozzarella.  

We pulled out all the stops in this attempt to eat better and planted my now 2nd annual pot garden!  A coworker gave me some chives and cilantro, and we purchased a basil and jalapeno starter plant from Lowe's.  Random I know, but you plant what you eat!  Still looking for my "Life's a garden - dig it" sign to go in my little garden.