Friday, April 6, 2012

Opening Day

Yesterday was Opening Day!!!  Oh the joy you feel at the beginning of the baseball season.  I mean come on we are were undefeated!  : )  It is such an exciting day with all the bells and whistles.  On the way to the game we were stuck in traffic right by the parking deck.  Puzzled on what was going on, we look behind us to see the Budweiser Clydesdales with a game day beer delivery!  It was awesome and totally worth the wait.  It was D's 2nd opening day, he was much more active then the baby we brought last year.  As soon as we arrived to our seats he grabbed a spoonful of bbq sauce that went flying down the front of his white Indians shirt my mom had got him for this joyous occasion.  Yesterday's game had all the key components to be a great opening day: The shining sun, a soldier sang the Star Spangled Banner via satellite from Afghanistan, Stadium Mustard, the benches cleared, and 16 innings!  Yes, we were apart of baseball history attending (and staying for) the longest opening day game in MLB history!  If we would have won it would have made the day perfect.  But we've got a whole season ahead of us and I believe in Cleveland!  Go Tribe!
Bon Journey rockin Rally Alley

Clear them benches!

14th inning snack
11th inning nap

5 hours and 14 minutes! 

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  1. Randomly came across your blog and had to say hi- what a wonderful feel this site of yours has! Happy to have found you and can't wait to read more... off to check out some previous posts! Have a wonderful week, sugar! xo