Sunday, December 11, 2011

Baby Stuff part 1 of 2

Diaper Cake Centerpieces 
The Williams Sonoma crew and our baby mama
(outfit: dress-Francescas's glasses/watch-Michael Kors
tights-found randomly in back of my closet)
A two part blog already?  Forward for a newbie I know.  A very sweet coworker of mine had her baby shower recently.  It was a delicious luncheon at the local country club filled with adorable favors, diaper cakes and baby gifts galore!  I was flattered when she enlisted my expertise for what to register for.  (I have one baby, which makes me an expert!)  When registering for baby D I had to take my sister in law/mother of two with me.  Baby stores are very overwhelming.  I not only needed her advice but also her muscle to drag various items from aisle to aisle to make sure everything would match.  "Who cares if it's on recall, this highchair matches our dining room!"

Rosie's Baby Registry Must Haves:
The parts are interchangeable and make it so easy for a mama on the go.
Other nursing mamas can spot that black tote a mile away and knows what you'll be up to during your lunch hour!
So you can hear and see that your baby is ok.  Will also be useful during his teenage years.
Expensive I know, but handles like it's on rails!  It's a luxury car stroller!
It steams, it chops it shuts itself off!  No more excuses — make your own baby food!  
D falls asleep to the sweet sounds of Journey and the Beatles, they even have a Kanye!  
Your baby is going to be your greatest accessory why not wear them in style!  Used this a lot while grocery shopping until D could try to escape sit in the shopping cart.
Who am I kidding get Carter everything!  Their stuff is so cute, affordable and durable.  We opted to not find out what we were having so registering for every size of white long & short sleeve onesies was a must.   
8.  Hooter Hider:
Will not make your breastfeeding invisible to those around you but does help.  
9.  La-Z-Boy:
Forget the trendy glider!  I must credit my mother for this one.  I was thankful for it the night D was barking like a seal with croup and I didn't want to leave his side.  I kicked up the footrest, reclined back and was comfortable for my first impromptu nursery sleepover.  
Monogrammed of course with parents initials!  Looks good and not too girly so Andy feels comfortable taking it.  "No, I'm not going on a hiking trip this is my diaper bag!"

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