Friday, December 23, 2011

Baby Stuff part 2 of 2

I first did my list of must haves for your baby now I'm going to bring you up to speed on what you don't need at least what Nosy Rosie thinks you don't need!

Nosy Rosie's "Don't Need" List
1. The Bumbo Chair
D asked this to be on the top of the list.  I borrowed it from my sister in law and he hated it.  He constantly tried to get out of it.  May be useful if your child lacks the "adventurous spirit"/bad behavior that mine has.
2. 8000 Bibs
People LOVE buying cute bibs.  But seriously you only need a few.  I keep 2 in rotation at home and 2 in the diaper bag.   Teething bibs come in handy too when the drooling starts but those are only good until they learn how to rip them off.
3.  The Changing Table
Just get a dresser and slap that changing pad on it.  The one in our nursery has  2 smaller drawers on top one houses his diapers and wipes and the second with other diapering must haves and burp cloths.
4. The Wipe Warmer
Until my toilet seat and/or paper become warmed for me I will not be spoiling my child with this.
5. Coats (in the beginning stages)
I know this sounds crazy but has long as they are in the removable car seat all you need is the JJ Bundle Me Lite for spring and fall and the JJ Bundle Me Original for winter you will be set!

#2 One of our "keepers"

#5 Peeking out from his Bundle Me Lite
Christmas is coming up fast hope y'all are ready! 

Have a Merry Christmas!  

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