Friday, December 2, 2011

Boy Meets Tree


The tree has been up for over a week now.  I was impressed our little man he didn't even seem to notice it and almost hurt since Andy and I are very proud of it and he didn't even give it the time of day!  Those days are now over.  He's noticed it...and by that I mean he'll touch it using another object.  As he looks back at us as he extends his truck into the tree I am sure he's thinking, "But I'm not touching it."  Oh do we have a long road ahead of us.  
Nosy Rosie's Christmas Decorating Tips:
1.  Take your stalking/key holiday piece with you EVERYWHERE while picking out decor 
Inside our house we try to carry a burgundy/dark green color scheme to match our Pottery Barn tree skirt and stalkings.  We tried to make sure all the bows, wreaths, pillows, etc have these hues.
2. Hang outdoor lights inside
No need to put your life at risk outside in the cold on a ladder.  I hang our icicles lights along the top of the windows, a little tape and tacks and we're in business.  
3.  Less is more
The more you put up the more you have to take down and store!  
4.  Be thrifty 
No need to shop the fancy stores so many discount stores have bows, inexpensive wreaths and holiday goodies that will give your home that warm fuzzy holiday feel.
5.  Greenery/Garland 
Inexpensive and they make everything much more Christmasy (is that a word?  I didn't get a red line so it must be?).  Boring mantel?  Light post?  Need a table scape?  Slap some greenery and a bow or some of those cute berry things in the greenery and you're done!  

Happy Holidays!

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