Thursday, January 26, 2012

Summer Dreamin'

As winter is starting to settle in here I can't help but think of warmer weather.  Our flight to Tucson is booked!  Can't wait for an In-n-Out cheeseburg and some fun in the sun.  Don't worry I'm not one of those "oh winter stinks, this is horrible, why do I live here" winter whiners.  I am fortunate enough to live where we have the 4 seasons you learn about in school and I love 'em all!  If not for winter when would I wear my fabulous plaid scarf?  As the snow (or at the moment here I think it's freezing rain) is falling and you are snuggled under your blanket I thought I'd warm you up with some our summer vacation photos!  We went to a breathtaking ranch of a family friend in Centennial, Wyoming.  Our jaws were dropped for the first 3 days.  Everything was so beautiful, the food was delicious, and the cabins were decorated down to the tiniest western details.  (I'm talking cowboy knobs and toilet paper holders.)  Andy's whole family went including my 7 month pregnant sister-in-law.  In case you didn't know Wyoming was a hot spot in 2011!  Several people I know also vacationed there last summer even fiction families on television - Modern Family!

Our beautiful cabin
My father-in-law heard a calling,
"Go west young man and take your crazy family with you."
1st Flight!
1st Fish! 
A little nervous about the horse
Matching shirts and hats
No pool, no beach, no problem.
A creek or pond will do!  

Cowboy knob!  
We got to experience so many amazing things on this trip.  We were a little weary at first since our previous family vacations consisted of Turks and Caicos and Hawaii.  But we dove right into all the wild west had to offer.  Shootin' guns, four wheelin', fishin', eatin', singin' we did it all and had a blast!  We were so sad to leave this wonderful place and the people we met.  It is a beautiful part of the country that everyone should experience.
All 20 and a half of us!

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