Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year's Eve 90s Party

Pulp Fiction* 
What your in-laws don't have an annual themed New Year's Eve party?  Mine do!  We usually opt to spend NYE with friends but after being persuaded back in July we happily obliged. The party contains mostly family with a few close friends (sadly the Mantel's returned to their "new" homes outside of Ohio a day earlier) and a lot of food, with the key ingredient being cream cheese.  Past New Year's themes include; 80s and TV characters (that one even produced a much watched video).  This year was 90s themed and we went as Pulp Fiction, even Marg the Margaritaville dressed up!  Andy had some trouble keeping his wig where it should be but you get the picture.
Clarissa Explains it All 
Marg as Jules 
       Costume Winners (my personal pick)
Just like Sharon!  

Mike & Miss as my in-laws in the 90s

The Game

The game of the night was Left, Right, Center if you have $3 and love excitement 
this is the game for you!  I'm proud to report I won, a great way to start 2012!  
$$ Center $$
(please note in the right hand corner the "hillbilly wine glass")

Mia, Wayne and some LRC thrills!

*I have no intentions to ever wear my hair like this...ever.  That is all.

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