Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tailgate Time

Fall is in full swing.  It is one of my favorite times of the year.  Bring on the leaves, cider and tailgating!  Marrying a baseball player he was unaware of this foreign affair.  After his first OSU tailgate a few years ago he was hooked!  Don't let me mislead you that we are the hardcore every game, rain or shine tailgaters. (But we do enjoy hanging out with those people!)  These pass couple weekends have been packed with football games and tailgating.  We did our first Browns tailgate which was amazing!  Our friend coordinates his tailgate menu with the opposing team.  (Is that genius or what?)  And I busted out for the first time "Marg" our sweet Margaritaville machine.  What you don't have a traveling margarita machine that's charge is good for 60 drinks?  Get one NOW!  Happy tailgating y'all.          
Me and Marg
Go Browns!
Andy's first OSU game

After the Buckeyes big win!

Tailgating Must Haves:

Layers of clothing
Cooler - Monogrammed of course!
Emergency Kit containing the following:
Wine opener
Wet Ones
Bandaids (learned this the hard way when Marg fought back...)

Don't forget to thank a veteran today!  
Happy Veterans Day!

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  1. ooh... margaritas. they don't have those in england, and it used to run through my texas body like blood. yum!