Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ain't no party like a...

Miss Diane party cause a Miss Diane party don't stop is the most fabulous party ever!  We have a wonderful family friend that turns anything she touches into something fabulous.  She is a well put together lady, that once you meet her you'll just want to spent all day with her!  Her gifts are easy to spot at any party always being the most beautifully wrapped.  My bridal shower gift had foliage in it for pete's sake!  She has one gorgeous daughter, that was married the fall I had D (still holding a grudge against him for forcing me to miss the wedding).  Her bridal shower was nicer than some wedding receptions I've been to.  When I heard the exciting news that she was expecting I couldn't help but wait by the mailbox for my invite to the baby shower.  Not even a snowstorm kept Andy's two sisters and I from going.  And this party did not disappoint!  It was a day filled with many gifts, wonderful hostesses and Greek treats for miles.  The grandma-to-be showered the mama-to-be with many sentimental gifts with poems perfectly paired with each one.  They were so beautifully written, bringing tears to the crowd.  It was a wonderful shower and this baby girl is so blessed.  It was a beautiful day with a beautiful family.
Our Gift (I'm very into twine at the moment) 

Acting like Oprah,
giving her some of our favorite things:

My pick - Johnson's Vapor Bath, our Dr. recommends not giving cold medicines under 5, so this fills that void

Pam's pick - Aquaphor - it's a cure all in their house, soothes anything!

DESSERTS! (and Pam)

They've got the grandparent-to-be glow, so happy for them!

A sweet moment between sisters-in-law
So much fabulousness!!

One of my favorite gifts of the day, too cute!

Can't wait to meet Baby C this spring!

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  1. My Dear Lori,

    You have me in tears! You are too sweet with your beautiful words! We were so blessed to have you, Pam and Shelly there to share in our special day to welcome baby C. We are so blessed with wonderful family and friends and especially our Hargrove family :). Missed you Sharon, Kim and Missy. We can't wait for you to meet our baby C.

    XO Miss Diane