Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our Weekend

D let us out for the night - Watch out!
Once in a blue moon the stars align and we get a night out.  With a baby, 2 jobs, and endless housework it is hard to work in time to go out and enjoy ourselves.  Andy's high school friend Pat was turning the big 3-0 this weekend.  He is Irish and born on St. Patrick's Day, how perfect is that?  He and his wife had a little girl 2 months before we had D.  Being parents of a young child they were in tune to how important it is to plan ahead.  So when we got the invite for his party weeks earlier we couldn't book a babysitter (my parents) fast enough!  I went as far as scheduling my hair appointment around it.  Our friends were even kind enough to let us stay with them, oh it couldn't have been more perfect!  Pat's dad got up and told the sweetest story about how Pat was born around 11am and the St. Patrick's Day parade stepped off at 1pm and he walked in it!  Beaming with pride he held a sign that read "It's a boy", my heart melted.  They even had an Irish band, it was a great night in honor of our very own St. Pat.

Yay to a night out with friends!

Since my parents kept Dylan over night we headed down there to visit with my brother and sister-in-law and my nephew Henry after the birthday bash.  It had been awhile since the boys had seen each other.  They had a blast!  It is so fun to watch them interact, now that they are both wild toddlers.  Upon our arrival Henry announced to Uncle Andy, "I want you to stay here for a long time."  My heartaches that we don't live closer but I know an hour is a lot closer than some families.  Many people can't wait to get out of their small towns they grew up in.  Well, I did leave mine, lived all over the country and ended up an hour north of it.  It was fun, I learned and saw a lot but after D came I would give anything to live there again.  I miss the comforts of knowing everyone that drives by.  But I am in the process of making the city I live in feel like home by waving and introducing myself to everyone.  I may be known as the town weirdo but hey at least they'll know who I am!  ; )

Hope you had a great weekend and have a good week ahead! 

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