Sunday, February 26, 2012

Back to Reality

The always popular "feet on vacation" picture
After 8 days of sun in Arizona we are back!  My in-laws are snow-bunnies (much like my own paternal grandparents were) and spent most of the winter in Arizona.  My heart ached for D thinking he'd go months without seeing his Nana and Papa so we decided to go visit.  This was Andy and I's second trip out to their place in Ventana Canyon.  We went out 2 years ago right before I found out I was pregnant with D.  I was happy knowing my drink of choice that trip was a mimosa and I got the folic acid I much needed.  : )

This was D's 2nd trip on an airplane.  I was a little nervous since he was twice the size of the baby we took to Wyoming.  He flipped out a few times and didn't sleep but a half hour total of all 4 flights.  But he was a trooper and I learned the power of prayer as I said a little one before taking off from Dallas to home.  He was a perfect angel, even getting compliments from other passengers.  (Note this leg of the trip landed us home at midnight last night.)  Andy and I have perfected how to vacation out west, first leave as early as possible.  (Arizona fact:they don't partake in Daylight Savings, so they are only 2 hours behind us now, perfect when traveling with a baby!)  With the time change you'll get there to lunch on an animal style double-double from In-N-Out.  Then when returning home, leave in the late afternoon so you can hit In-N-Out one last time.  Worry about getting home late?  Forget it, if you want to get home at a decent time then you have to get up really early.  Either way you lose sleep but this way you get more time in the sun and a one last burg.

While there D was a champ taking extra long naps leaving Nana and I time to lay out and catch up on our magazines.  Then he'd wake up and we'd head to the pool then took an evening walk before Papa and Andy got home from golfing.  We even took D out for his first 9.  It was wonderful to do a whole lot of nothing in the sun.

We dined on the finest Tucson had to offer!  I already mentioned In-N-Out, went for sushi at Ra where D danced like a mad man to The Car's "Shake it Up."  He was exhausted when we got there but that song came on and he dance like crazy proving he is much like his mama just needing a good song to get a second wind.  And have you ever had a cheese crisp?  You must go to Midway Molina's.  They are the best ever, tell 'em D sent ya.  He was flirting with every waitress in there.  Andy and I even got to have a date night at Lindy's on 4th.  It was our 2nd time after learning about it from Man vs Food .  The names of the burgers will make you blush giggle.

On the course

Mornings with Papa 

Vacation Highlights:

1. Read the book "Breaking Night", great true story that I finished in 2 days.

2.  After numerous jumps into the pool D learned to count to 3

3. I love coke with lemon in it

4. D starting to call Andy..."Andy"

5. Sunday brunch at the Catalina Room, I am still dreaming of chocolate chip waffles and the omelet bar

6. While sitting at Lindy's, Andy looking at me across our table full of greasy cheeseburgs and cheese covered fries and says, "I think you are the only woman in the world that would choose a bar to go to on a date."

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  1. Sounds lovely darling. So glad you got some R and R. You deserve it! Need some time with that little dancing machine soon. Missing him something fierce! You guys going on any date nights soon that I can offer some complimentary babysitting services for??????

    Glad you're back safe!