Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas Wrap Up

Elmo = smiles
The tree is down, the reindeer plates are up for the year, the coziness of the holiday season is gone.  The swags are still on my windows but that is because of pure laziness on my part and the few inches of snow piled on them.  I'll get them down before Valentine's Day...maybe.  As everything is being put away I am reflecting on the holidays that seemed like they flew past me at 90mph.  Crazy hours at the store and running from house to house its easy to see the most wonderful time of the year is the busiest.  We had our annual Christmas Eve dinner with Andy's parents and little sister.  We go to mass first then dine on prime rib and Yorkshire pudding.  Shelly was sad it was her "last" Christmas, since next year she'll be a married woman - a feeling I am familiar with!  Christmas morning we watched Christmas Story and opened our gifts.  Dada insisted D needed a glove this year.  He loves it.  But he has been using it to launch the ball similar to a lacrosse stick, my lacrosse playing Uncle will be very proud.  We then (surprisingly) glided with ease through having Christmas with my parents in the morning, lunch at my grandparents, a nap on the road, and were at Andy's parents in time for his Texas sister and her family to arrive and start our final Christmas!  Exhausting yes, but totally worth it getting to see our entire family.
Henry calling Chuck E. Cheese to see if they're opened
Featuring my mom's gift - PB Grand phone

Hawaii 2007
We then spend New Year's Eve with Andy's side and their usual themed party, this year it was a Luau.  I donned rain boots, a hat, scarf and a bathing suit.  We spent Christmas as a family in Hawaii back in 2007.  If there is one thing I know if you are going to Luau in Hawaii this time of year, these items are key!  I eventually did put pants on.  We took LRC to a new level this year.  One round we played with 3 lottery tickets (Shelly won) and the second we played with 3 $5 instead of the normal $1.  I am proud to announce we Andy won!  It came down to him and I, so it was a win/win situation.

We are looking forward to spending our winnings, adjusting to the changes 2013 has already brought (a new Judge at the Court and the closing of my Williams-Sonoma store), turning 30, trips and the many happy couples that we get to witness marry this year.  Happy 2013!!

D and Greyson in Papa's chair

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