Sunday, December 23, 2012

Party Season

Oh the Christmas memories!
Tis the season for partying!  We had my grandma's annual Christmas party a few weeks ago.  We get a homecooked family style meal at the local grange and Santa comes.  D did NOT like Santa, but he did love to be with his cousins and ran around nonstop.  I helped my Aunt prep for a party she was throwing.  I didn't attend the party but I did get to lick the spoon for the icing.  It is always good to have time to go home for the weekend.

Last weekend we celebrated the belated birthday of my Pearl Harbor born SIL.  (I also have a high school friend with the same birthday, which I always remember if no one elses!)  My BIL planned for dinner and bowling to celebrate Missy.  Her friend threw her the most BEAUTIFUL surprise birthday dinner before we went bowling.  They had an amazing older home, with all the beams, built-ins, and big wood work that makes me swoon.  It was literally the nicest dinner party I've ever been to.  Beautiful decorations with antique accents.  I've got to step it up, before I host Christmas Eve tomorrow.  We followed supper with some silly bowling and after hours at our house.  (Good thing I stuck to my Thursday night cleaning routine!)  It was a great night for a great lady.

Party nails!
Sadly due to our first big snow Friday night it cancelled our friend's holiday party.  When D and I stepped outside of daycare he said, "ew gross" at the sight of the white stuff.  He seemed to enjoy the snow when we got home, but it was short lived when his hand got too cold.  Even though we were looking forward to the party it was nice to sit at home, dine on Five Guys and catch up on the DVR.  I even got holiday party nails done with an accent color, which left Andy not only confused but disappointed.  That's what I get for trying to be hip.  My weekend has been filled with helping all the late shoppers at the store and getting ready for some Christmas family time.
Merry Christmas to all!  

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