Sunday, January 20, 2013

The End of my Williams-Sonoma Era

My WS loves
Baby food maker
I was given the idea by a friend who had worked at Crate and Barrel and scored an amazing hutch/table I was caught admiring at her house.  She told me how much fun she had working there and the purchases she made.  I was sold!  We didn't live by a Crate and Barrel, but even better we had a Williams-Sonoma.  When we registered for our wedding I did not even know this store existed.  I wept when I finally was introduced to their fantastic towels and every kitchen gadget you could think of that we had missed out on registering for.  Andy was working at a local baseball school at the time and I was bored at home until 9 each night.  After Peggy's Crate and Barrel testimonial and my nightly boredom, I ran to the mall to apply to be holiday help.  I instantly loved everyone and ate my weight in holiday candy and cider.  I knew there was no turning back.  As the holidays ended I begged them to keep me and against their better judgment they did!

Popover pan
My managers catered to my ever changing needs when Andy changed jobs and I started changing diapers.  I have truly met the most caring people during my 3 years there.  One manager became like a post college guidance counselor to me.  We'd share stories, cupcakes and ice cream and helped customers from time to time.  As tired as I would be from working all day at the Court I felt reenergized walking into our beautiful store, seeing the people I loved and products I am passionate about.  I am sad to be closing before the bride-to-be's start coming in to register.  I was so uneducated about kitchen products (had no idea not to use metal tools on non-stick pans!) before I started working at Williams-Sonoma.  I like to school the brides on what I think know they need.  Mother's day was also one of my favorite times, when the dad's come in with their kin searching for the perfect gift for their mama that I always had 15 suggestions for, "She'd love a Vitamix/Kitchen Aid/Mini Pie Maker!"

One of my fav cookbooks on
my Tuscan cookbook holder
I cried when I got the news of our store closing.  A lot of our customers were heartbroken but mostly concerned with where we were going.  And of course some just lookin' for the deals!  If you don't like kitchen gadgets but do enjoy sweatpants with sparkles on the butt, you are in luck our store is being replaced by a Victoria's Secret Pink.  I'm going to try and go down to the JCrew that has been calling my name since it came in last summer.  I can't confuse D, whenever he sees a mall (any mall, even the one by my parents) he says, "That where mama works."

Sesame Street apron and Boos cutting board

I feel I am leaving with so much more than I came with and I'm not referring to my new Wusthof set.  I now have a passion for cooking and the quality products that make cooking easier.  It warms my heart that I am passing that love onto D that grabs his apron at the sight of the Kitchen Aid coming out.  Even though you are leaving me Williams-Sonoma I can't thank you enough for the memories, education, amazing products and friendships that will last a lifetime, much like the warranty on my pans!

        I will always love you WS!              

So sad to watch these doors close at 6:00pm today.

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