Sunday, June 10, 2012

Spring Review

"Hi!" I've heard toddlers have phases, we are currently going through the hi/wave phase.  No matter what time of day, what the situation D greets with a "Hi" and a wave.  I guess we don't need to worry about him being rude.

Everyone needs to unwind when they get home...D is no exception.  When we get home from work/daycare, he goes into his room turns on his Beatles cd, picks out a book and chills.  I had been watching him do this for weeks and finally grabbed my camera, stood in our room and captured his little routine.

Baseball is in full swing.  Andy and I even left work one day with case of "Indians Fever" to head up to a day game.  I've always loved day games.  When Andy played it meant we might eat supper before 11pm!  Sadly we've found out the hard way this year D does not like the fireworks.
Got to partake in my grandparents annual
Easter egg hunt.  It took some extreme coaching but he did it!
My roses have been out of
control this year! 

Pretty sure he ate dirt this day

Home problem #1
Shower head fell off

Outfit by Crazy 8 -
Cheap and adorable, shirt reads "Here comes trouble!"

Home problem #2
Disposal backed up into sink and dishwasher,
forcing me to do the dishes in my bathroom.
Thank the Lord for helpful neighbors!

Helped Shelly throw a fantastic bridal shower for her future SIL.
Can't wait to start planning hers!  

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