Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

Decor - Everything bright!
We figure this is not a welcomed birthday
so we made it as cheery as possible
My mom turns the big 6-0 today as I am sure she is thrilled I am putting it out here for the world to know.  We hosted a surprise birthday party for her at my Aunt's house that her and her husband built out at my grandparent's farm.  Their house looks like something out of Southern Living, so when she offered it up I jumped at the chance to use it as the location for mom's bash.  It took weeks of planning, emails and secret meetings to pull this off without my mother's knowledge.  D almost blew our cover during a covert stop at my grandparent's, mom called my grandpa and D insisted on following him around the house.  It worked out well that she had to work this weekend leaving me to go out to my Aunt's at least 20x's.  Once even to help set brush on fire that ended up resembling an explosion after my Aunt (and her bucket of gas) were done with it.  How to get her to the party was the hardest thing to come up with, so I decided to kept it simple, "We are celebrating your birthday tonight, be ready by 5."  As Andy and I left, she yelled, "Does dad know where we're going??"  Upon arrival in true Bonnie form she shed some tears as she hugged and greeted the close friends and family we had invited.  It was a great night with good food (thanks to Andy on the grill) and good company.  I am blessed to come from such a hardworking family, it was much easier to pull this off with all of their help.  I was able to sneak down and put up a birthday message for her on our town's board that she is in charge of.  Only being yelled at a few times during the 5 minutes it took me to change it, that's proof of how small my hometown is.  It was an amazing party for an amazing woman.  She has dedicated her life to her family and keeping the town she loves looking imacculate.  She deserves everything she wants and more.  Happy birthday mom!
D's stranger danger was at its peak!

There was even a parachute motor thing that flew over!

The grill master and his mama

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  1. What a great picture of such a happy family, it looks like your mom had quite a nice celebration! Darling blog, happy I came across it!

    Happy Fourth!
    Twirling Clare