Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

The '57 Chevy
Here is a picture of my dad and I enjoying some snacks and ironically probably watching Andy's dad play first base for the Indians.  My dad is a simple man of few words, but those few words are very funny.  He worked for the same company for 40+ years, he instilled in my brother and I the importance of good work ethic.  Driving us around for our paper route in his 1984 two-tone brown El Camino to deliver the Sunday paper...wait who am I kidding, he never made me get up.  : )  He's perfected the art of how to perfectly manicure a yard as well as how to properly clean a car.  A clean car is crucial, as my mom always says, "You don't drive around town in your house." One Christmas he helped pick out some of my presents one being a '57 Chevy Barbie car.  While every other girl in town had Barbie cruisin' in a Porsche or Corvette mine was in riding in a 2 foot long classic convertible with a trunk big enough to fit her whole wardrobe, an original choice for sure.  He past his love for classic rock on to us, as the first CD purchased in our house was Lynyrd Skynyrd's Greatest Hits and our father-daughter dance on my wedding day was to Fleetwood Mac's Landslide.  I was proud to tell him recently how D was rockin' out to the end of Free Bird on the way home from daycare.  Since having D I've really noticed how much of my parenting skills are what I learned from my parents.  I find myself using the same cheesy lines and threats I grew up hearing day in and day out.  Examples: "I don't go for that" and "If you don't pick up those toys up I'm giving them to Mr. Barrino" (referring to our beloved garbage man).  I guess everything really does come full circle.  We are blessed to have so many amazing father figures in our lives, not that I am bias or anything. 

  Happy fathers day to all the daddies out there!

The photographer asked my dad to put his hand on my arm.
I think he wanted it to be a serious moment...we found it hilarious.
photo by A Moment in Time Photography
My favorite picture of Andy and his dad
photo by Ron Kurtz 

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