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Our Year in Review -2013

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Now that the holidays are over, I have a moment to look back on this quick very quick year!

Kisses at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario 
Winter -  We had a low key winter, I think in preparation for our crazy summer.  William-Sonoma sadly closed but my new judge took office and it was an amazing and easy transition.  Of course D's first Elmo Live was defiantly the highlight!

Spring - D attended his 3rd opening day.  Starting the season he was scared to go outside and cried whenever everyone cheered.  His fear quickly turned into love and he now cannot wait until Spring!  I turned 30, which was uneventful.  The wedding festivities began with  Shelly's shower, my big trip to New Orleans for Megan's bachelorette and our first wedding of the season.  I also started my new retail venture at J.Crew or as D calls it "Mama's store."

Summer - The highlight being Shelly and Patrick's wedding!  I find myself looking back through the photos reliving the day.  It was just so perfect, our family did the last wedding right!  The week after Andy was in his high school friend Tom's wedding.  They had a live band and it was the BEST.  If I could do it all over, I'd get a band all the way.  They also had the best food EVER, the short rib literally melted in my mouth.  Then we closed summer the best way possible with a road trip to Wilmington for Megan's wedding.  I loved meeting her friends in New Orleans, reuniting for the wedding was a blast.  Even though I am insanely jealous they get to see Megan all year long.

Fall - After such an exciting summer I thought fall would be boring, I was wrong!  I attended my first playoff game!  It was as amazing as Andy said it would be, he described it as Opening Day times 100.  Even though we didn't win, it was the experience of a lifetime and hope I get to do it again soon!  I sat on my first event committee for Child Guidance and Family Solutions.  My father-in-law was inducted into the Greater Cleveland Sports Hall of Fame and I got to meet Bob Costas!  D turned 3 and we took him trick or treating for the first time in my brother-in-law's parents' neighborhood.  They do it up right and go all out, even jello shots for parents.  My cousin Luke brought his family up from Lancaster and stayed with us.  It was so fun to see these long distance cousins play.  On Thanksgiving we celebrated my parent's 40th year of marriage!  
Missy and I with playoff nails!
D's first laptop!  

Holidays - D was slightly confused about Santa and it being Jesus's birthday, at one point thinking they were BOTH coming to the house.  He kept things real simple by only asking for a map and a flashlight.  Christmas morning he did not disappoint, opening each gift and saying, "WOW!  What is it?"  He LOVED Christmas music, so I dusted off my "Santa's Toasty Tunes" I made in college.  By the end of the season he knew most the words and definitely had his favorites (All I Want for Christmas and Run Run Rudolph topping the list).  He loves all kinds of music.  At a Christmas party while my cousin played "Jingle Bells" on the piano while my nephew sang, D kept screaming, "Play John Deer Green!!"  New Years Eve was a blast with the annual theme party and my father-in-law made it even better by telling us he's taking us on vacation this year!  We are headed to Arizona next month, we received the save the date for our friends' July wedding and have multiple friends that will become parents this year.  Needless to say 2014 is looking to be pretty awesome!  Happy New Year!  
Santa brought D a shave kit, just like daddy.

A Christmas duel in matching jammies.

Another year another themed New Years party - SNL

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