Friday, March 1, 2013

A Mama's Reflection: Elmo Live

My mom got the boys tickets to Elmo live for Valentine's Day.  Last Saturday my mom, sister in law, nephew, D and I headed to his first live show.  When I saw the line to get in my heart started to race.  Kids EVERYWHERE!  D has been such a "wildcard" lately, I was worried...

Side story:  Took him to one of my favorite stores the other day, Barnes and Noble.  Needed to purchase a gardening book (more on that later!) and a potty book.  I could spend hours in there, I just love the smell of a new book.  I dreamed his eyes would light up in the children's section and we would forever share the bond of going to the bookstore together.  Not so much...threw the beautiful books on the ground, then threw himself on the ground for a couple minutes which was probably the best he was the whole trip.  The dreaded "trip to the bathroom" was out because it was so far away I figured by the time we got there he'd forget why he was in trouble.  I stuck it out, found my books, received dirty looks and left thinking how do people have more than one child??

2nd Side story:  D and eating out hasn't been successful lately either.  He just doesn't want to sit that long.  While out with my parents, we opted out of the usual highchair and sandwiched D in a booster between my mom and I in the booth.  All of a sudden the man behind us started violently elbowing the back of our seat.  It scared me and I ask what was wrong, he screams, "SOMEONE IS KICKING THE SEAT!"  I had no idea.  I don't know if it was the mom in me just ignoring it or scared it was me cause I tend to have a nervous leg shaking twitch.  Well, this irate man awoke papa bear!  Andy looked at him and said, "Sir he's two!"  By this time D is crying, I'm about to cry so I swoop him up and run to the bathroom.  By this time irate man realizes this might not have been the best approach and says, "Oh no he's fine."  Andy responds, "Apparently not, but we'll take care of it."  Needless to say I was so distraught by the whole situation I could hardly eat and have told the story to everyone I've seen since to have them reassure me I'm not a horrible parent.

So for the Elmo show I feared of how he would do, would he last, would he scream?  He will not sit through a whole show at home, he's all over the place stopping from time to time when something of interest comes on.  It was a good thing our seats were at the end of the row.  The show kept his attention for a while, then he wanted to go up the stairs, wanted a snack, wanted Aunt April and so on.  Through the darkness, loud music and flying confetti I could see NO ONE else's child acting up but mine.  Just a lot of "that guys" wearing the shirt of the show they were going to see. (Who knew Elmo had a line of puffy vests?)  I was physically and mentally exhausted by the end of the show.  The next day I ran into a high school friend's mother, who told me her daughter took her toddler the show and she too felt she had the only restless child there.  Eureka, that's why it's so dark in there!  We did survive, we had fun, he is still talking about it and loving the Elmo souvenir grandma bought.  But next time I think I'll wait until he's 3, 4, 5, maybe 6....


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