Saturday, August 24, 2013

Potty Training

Potty Training...words that have terrified me since becoming a mother.  D will be 3 in October.  I've been feeling the pressure.  My four year old niece asking why he's still in diapers, a coworker claiming her family members are trained by 2 (is that even possible??) and the looks...  I don't know if D is big or if it's because I am so short but this kid looks too big to be in diapers so last weekend I decided to take the bull by the horns.

Day One:
The sitter needed the day off so I figured this was the perfect time to take a vacation day and start D potty training.  We woke up, got daddy off to work, had breakfast and set the timer for 20 minutes.  I did the layering trick.  We have a lot of carpet and no leather furniture so I put him in his undies with a pull-up over.  The first couple trips will filled with him just sitting there wanting to play with my phone and no action.  It seemed he would go shortly after we had just tried to go.  Making it more frustrating he wouldn't even tell me he was wet.

I took him and the potty outside and ditched the pull-up.  Now this time when he went he said, "Ahh help I made it wet!" while pointing to his undies.  Progress?  I'll take it.  Many more accidents then finally it was nap time.  I reported to my SIL our progress or lack there of.  Something magical happened after his nap - he woke up DRY!  I sat him down and he went for what I found comparable to Adam Sandler's "Longest Pee".  The jumping and cheering scared him but he was psyched for m&ms.  No sooner did I get his after nap snack he had an accident.  I felt defeated.

The evening was filled with more accidents.  Things seem go from bad to worse.  THEN I was winging it inside without a pull-up before his bath, not a good idea.  After his bedtime, I took a long bath and debated getting out.

Day Two:
My excellent planning turned into poor planning when Andy got a chance to play in a golf outing and I had to work.  There was no way I would put our babysitter through what I went through.  She was advised to play it by ear.  I got home at noon and set the timer to get back into routine.  He did very well going before and after nap again.  Sadly the evening was full of accidents but Andy obliged to my request for Aladdin's.  Even though I was feeling discouraged my belly was full of delicious hummus.

Day Three:
He maybe went once and I had a meltdown at 7pm.  I'd been working so hard!  Why does this have to be so difficult??  I honestly believe this is the hardest thing I've done since becoming a parent and I'd much rather birth more children than potty train.  Maybe I should have listen to the people who told me they'll do it when they are ready.

This Week:
We've had highs and lows and an ER trip (no relation to the potty training).  His babysitter is on board, which is crucial!  There have been days he hasn't went at all and times where he's actually told me he had to go!  We definitely celebrate the little victories.  I've become more lax about it and figure it'll happen when it happens.  Until he starts getting it, I'll just keep eating the m&ms and I have no problem with that.

He may not be potty trained but he's real good at setting timers


  1. We've all been there. My mom always made a point of telling me that my siblings, the foster babies she raised, and I were all completely trained by 2. Whatever. I thought I'd have to attach a sign to Katya's back saying, look to the rainbow. It will happen before kindergarten.

    1. I remember when we first moved in and Ben proudly announced to Andy he had pooped in the potty!