Thursday, October 25, 2012

Look who's 2!

The deuce!  I can't hardly believe that my little man is 2 today.  With the election just a few weeks away I've had to take a moment to step back and realize I now have a 2 year old, will be married for 6 years to my soon to be 31 year old husband all before November 6.  I've got a busy couple weeks before this election is over!  In the fall being a campaign volunteer and an employee at William-Sonoma when the gravy and cider are flowing things can get crazy busy.

In between lit dropping (that's campaign talk for stuffing paper boxes with campaign literature - you're welcome county residents!) and heading to work at the store I squeezed in a trip to the park with D on what I am assuming might be one of our last nice fall days.  We ran into his pediatrician.  I had a master plan of not going back to the doctor until his 2 year appointment.  His first year at the doctors went great.  That one year appointment and all of those shots sent him over the edge.  He cries when they call his name and then for the REST of the appointment.  I even bought him a doctor kit to take with us, it did not help, except for his cuteness being in just a diaper wearing a fake stethoscope while screaming.  After his 18 month I thought we can make it until his 2 year without a trip to the doctors erasing every horrible memory he every had!  One good look at his doctor at the playground and the tears started to flow two weeks before his appointment.  Almost 6 months and he still remembers!  This is just one of the many eye opening moments I've had as a mama of a now toddler.  Here are a few more interesting tidbits:

1. He is very tech savvy, hide yo iphones and computers.
2.  He's a lot smarter than we think.  He's always been fascinated with this family picture from his first opening day (this is a picture of him admiring it in January).  The other day when he looked at it he started naming people: Papa,
his favorite Uncle Mike, Lala, then looks at me and says, "Where's Pat?"
Sure enough my future brother-in-law was NOT in the picture!

3.  I now go grocery shopping at late.  It is so quiet, the deli lady
seems a little more chatty but it's totally worth it.  Sadly one night my zen like
experience was ruined by a father and his 4 kids picking up some late night lunchables.
4.  24 months is the last size of the onesies and adorable
little matchy outfits with stuff on the butt - I am so sad!
Not only does he dress like a little man now, but without the
onesies he can be naked within minutes of being left alone.
5. A night out is super important!  My sweet manager took me out for a drink after work the other night.  I am sure I was talking nonstop since I didn't have to shout or be interrupted by the little guy.  It was so refreshing it felt like someone hit my reset button.  It was awesome!  Andy and I are much looking forward to going out for our anniversary in a couple weeks.  

6.  Thursday night is now my cleaning night.  The first week I tried it I was so excited that I didn't have to worry about cleaning my house all weekend I could hardly sleep!  I highly suggest it.  
Happy birthday sweet D!

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  1. Happy birthday to the little man!! He is a little ball of cuteness :)